What Makes Central Florida The Best Vacation Destination


What makes a place travel-worthy? Some cool attractions? Here are the top attractions that makes Central Florida the best vacation destination and the Sunshine State a great Place to buy a vacation home in.



Golf Course

If you like to indulge in a little challenge while you are vacationing, why not a round at the golf course? You do not have a tight schedule to follow so you can lay back and enjoy the game.


Disney World

From Theme parks like Epcot to Magic Kingdom which is every child’s dream. Disney World is one place where you will be left mesmerized.


Golden Sandy Beaches

Who would want to skip this. There is nothing more sublime than spending your summers, having fun in the warm, sandy beaches of the Sunshine State. Take advantage of Florida’s Surf, family friendly shores where your family can build sandcastles and shell.


Florida Theme Park



Universal’s Island Of Adventure

The best thing about this place is that it serves as a one stop shop for all your entertainment needs. Especially in February when the park hosts the Mardi Gras parades and many performances. It is not just a place for kids but equally fun for adults as well. You might want to book one of your vacation days dedicated entirely to enjoying this place.


Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Part of Universal, this is a relatively new attraction. If you or your family members are a fan of Harry Potter then this may be just the place for you to visit. The place is truly a gem. You will be surprised to notice the attention to detail that has been put to this place. From the leaky cauldron to the butter beer that you are served is textbook to the Wizarding World.


The Typhoon Lagoon Water Park

This place is not your typical water park. The wave pool being the major highlight of the park. Do not underestimate the fun of the lazy river which is perfect for families. The shark reef snorkel is another fun feature, snorkel over fish and sea creatures. In fact many people who visit the Typhoon Lagoon complain that the day is over too soon.


Cirque De Soleil

If your family loved Disney then it would be unfair to not take them here. The La Nouba is one of the best shows around. You get to see everything: Cyclists, jugglers, acrobats, clowns and singers. The Cirque De Soleil is a unique experience that you should not miss.  Located in Downtown Disney, you are right where you need to be for dinner and a walk around the lake after the show.


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