Top Tips On How To Attract People To Rent Your Vacation Home

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Earlier we blogged about how it is smart to rent out your vacation home. Here are some additional tips that will specifically guide you on how to have guests coming back to rent your vacation home again and again.


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Marketing It Right

When you are marketing your home, make sure that you are mentioning the benefits of visiting in a particular season (the upcoming season). Make sure that you put this content right next to the listing so that, as soon as, someone views a picture and details of your vacation rental, they read all that as well.


Once you know people chose your vacation home in, for example peak seasons, you need to go to them and let them know the benefits of staying in your home every season of the year. The best way to go about it is by reminding them the good time they had on their stay at your place. You can then suggest a Quick Getaway, a Girls Weekend or a Guys Only Trip. Get creative with this idea. If you want, you can even propose special offers and discounts.


Make use of the email list of everyone that you have and send them reminders and offers.  Let everyone when you have upgrades or new features added.


The Size of The Place

If you have a small home, aggressively market it in off seasons.  Vacationers (like ‘snowbirds’) available at that time are not large groups and the demand for small places increases exponentially.  If you have a large place, don’t worry. You too can do something here as well. Slower season is a great time for repairs and upgrades.  Market the ‘grown’ up features of your home for golfing groups.  Offer reduced rates for smaller groups.  You can even close off extra bedrooms to reduce maintenance and cleaning fees.




Weddings take place all year round. You can always market your home as a more affordable alternative to hotels. A good idea would be to offer them flexible departure and arrival times so that they feel it would be much convenient to stay at your vacation rental for the Florida wedding.  Have a home with a view?  Maybe your pool deck would accommodate the event.



Call All Golfers

golfer17The same goes for any other enthusiasts. Florida is always brimming with festivals and new events always spring up from somewhere. Keep your eyes out for these happenings. And, as soon as, they are announced, use them to market your rental property to people who might be interested in attending or participating in these events. It is a simple but powerful tactic for getting business in off seasons.


You can even call and team up with other small businesses and offer vouchers and other promotional offers exclusively to anyone who would be interested in staying with you.


All this may sound like you are spending too much, when in fact it is a smart investment. Your asset will not be utilized by you 365 days a year. Use some of these tips to help your home to be a good investment, as well as, your favorite vacation destination.





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