Top Buying Property Overseas Myths Debunked!

It is true!  It is not easy to buy property overseas, especially if it’s a place that you occasionally travel to and have never bought property in before. To get rid of those stressful pointers, JC Penny Realty has come up with ways, through which, you can make sure your vacation buying experience goes smoothly without any issues.


Here are the top myths that the real estate industry suffers from.


Buying Property Overseas
Discover The Top Buying Property Overseas Myths


Less Pricey Property Means Lower Cost Of Execution And Lower Maintenance Cost

Cheap and affordable are two different things. Additional costs may not deem a property cheap. There is the processing of the real estate bought, taxing and other paperwork involved. Often a property with a ‘cheap’ price has a huge repair list before the property is ready for use.


You Do Not Need Professional Help Buying Property Overseas

If you have the expert knowledge and experience of buying and selling property in the United States then it should be easy for you. If not, then it is best that you seek professional help. At JC Penny Realty we have agents that are fluent in several languages and can help you find the perfect vacation, holiday or investment home.


Nothing beats expertise and experience and what’s more, it is not just about your Realtor being knowledgeable about a neighborhood or community but also the fact that the United States has extensive laws and regulations on real estate that can fluctuate at  any time.  You might not even know about it but Realtors do.


Always Bargain The Price With The Property’s Seller

It is necessary that people understand when they should bargain the price and when they should not. As someone buying property outside your country, it is possible that you may not be as up to date on your knowledge on real estate market.


Sometimes sellers may deliberately raise the price 10-20%, and in anticipation of buyers offering less than asking price.  Your Realtor will help you negotiate the best price and walk you through the process.


You Cannot Get A Mortgage If You Are A Foreigner

This is NOT true.  There are several ways you can finance buying a holiday home or investment property in Florida and  yes mortgage is a part of that. However, before you are approved for any loan your documents will be checked and you will be required to provide your credit worthiness as well.




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