Top Amenities That Make A Great Vacation Home In Central Florida

Vacation Home In Central FloridaPeople who love to travel to the United States and enjoy the many attractions can have a sure place to call home when they go vacationing in Florida next time.


When it comes to Vacation Home in Central Florida, here are the top features that will help you make the most of your vacation experience.



A Pool

In Florida, a pool is a must-have. It is not just a valuable amenity that can increase the resale value of your property, but an essential factor when it comes to vacationing in the Sunshine State. A place without a pool is simply not a vacation home. In fact, one should be debating on the type of pool they want instead of whether the home they want to purchase/rent includes one or not.



The Fireplace

Honestly, it depends on your personal taste whether you want a fireplace or not. This is not a textbook vacation home amenity but it is pretty popular with winter guests. There are  vacation properties with the picture perfect fireplaces for the entire family to enjoy. Buying a vacation property in Central Florida means that you get to enjoy the sandy beaches by day, and a picturesque fireplace family gathering in the evening.



Pet Friendly

If you have a pet, why not put its luxury on the feature list as well. The best part about buying a vacation home is that, unlike a vacation rental, you do not have to deal with extra pet fees and choose from limited options of pet friendly rentals. Bring your pet along for the vacation. When you are looking at vacation homes to purchase you can always look for built-in pet friendly amenities. If you have your heart set on a property but it does not have a doggy door or another feature that you want, you can always get minor renovations done later.



Cable TV in All Bedrooms (Or A Space for One)

Just like you would want to install the Wi-Fi system once you buy a vacation property, you might want to include the luxury of TVs in all the bedrooms. Your family may have spent time at the beach or at Disney all day but that would not stop them from using the box. Plus, a DVD player and a gaming console helps as well. If the kids are happy, the parents get to enjoy their vacations in peace.



Vacation Home In Central Florida

Washer and Dryer

This may be your vacation home but you will need to make use of the separate space for laundry all the time. It is like they say, the more an airline starts charging for baggage fee, the more popular a washer and dryer becomes.


Many people tend to buy a vacation home that is close to a place they love. You can always go through the house listings of JC Penny Realty that are in close proximity to Disney, golf courses and excellent shopping establishments.






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