Warren Mittoo – United Kingdom

After owning my Villa in Florida for 10 years, it was time to sell and I made a few enquires as to who to contact as
it is not as easy selling in the States as it is in the UK. I was recommended Jeni Mortlock from JC Penny Realty.
From the first contact with Jeni, I knew I had the right person. Jeni provided me with all the information required
to start the process and then explained every stage as required. Jeni has a wealth of knowledge and answered
all my email questions promptly and managed the whole process from start to finish.
Jeni is very honest and open and has a friendly approach, alleviating any fears or concerns you may have.
If you are reading this testimonial, then read no further, you have found the right person in Jeni Mortlock.
Thank you Jeni.
Warren Mittoo – UK.

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