Steve and Karla St. Louis – Orlando

Arlene is an extraordinary person and agent. Not only she helped us find the home were we would start a family, but also personally engaged and empathized with our needs and interests. We would have been so lost without her guidance and advice. She worked above and beyond during the whole process, and always was available for any questions or concerns. Specifically, we would like to acknowledge her patience towards us, being first time buyers, we were learning throughout the process, and she was responsible for a good part of these buying-a-house lessons. Also, her patience from the beginning to the end, as we never felt pressured to buy, she always gave us our time to think and start all over a couple of times, if needed. We would totally recommend Arlene with our eyes closed as she is trust worthy and truly cares for her customers’ interests, needs and goals. Thank you Arlene, so much!

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