Rob – Louisville, KY

I wanted to take a minute to express both our gratitude and satisfaction with our vacation home and the process it took to accomplish our goal.
From the moment that we were first introduced to Lee Cooke, we could sense that this was a first-class organization. We were able to tell Lee what we were looking for in both a vacation and rental property and he showed us many options. We never felt pressure, and ultimately felt that he just wanted to find what was best for our family. We ultimately decided to build.
Working with him and the construction team, I felt we got a fabulous home with everything incorporated that we could have hoped for. The communication that everyone provided during this building process was outstanding, especially considering that we are out of state, and all I can say is that myself and my wife were “blown away” when we came in and saw the final product during our walk through.
We have now entered the final phase of the process, and with the furnishings now almost completed we are again so impressed. The amount of detail and thought that has gone into every room is something that we could have never done on our own. It provides us with such a warm and inviting space for our family vacations, as well as I know will allow the house to do very well on the rental market.
Once again, thank-you. We look forward to many years of success together.
9 bedroom Reunion FL.


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