Glenn Aaserud – Norway

I just want to say some words about Realtor, Nick Carroll. We’ve dreamt about buying a vacation home in Orlando, USA. But there’s a lot of stuff that you wonder about when you live on the other side of the earth! I searched on the internet for condos in Orlando and came into contact with Nick.


He has helped me a lot. When I signed the purchase contract, he explained everything to me that I did not understand. He helped me to arrange all of my bills so that they are paid. We also wanted to fix up our new condo and he had the contacts to get the work done.


If there was anything that we did not understand, we just contacted Nick by phone or email, and he was there! I can recommend Nick Carroll for others. You can trust him and you don’t have to worry about anything! Call Nick NOW and let the dream of Florida come true!


Best regards,


Glenn Aaserud, Norway


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