George Stafford – Chicago

Dear Mr. Penny,
I would like to take this time to commend one of your Agents. Liz Wilson was fantastic during our new home acquisition process.
My wife first contacted Liz in the summer of 2013 to begin the process for buying a home in Florida. They communicated via email and chats about what we were looking for and what was available. For 2 years they kept in touch with Liz sending my wife new listing s as they
became available. In the fall of 2015 my wife took an apartment in Celebration as our search
intensified. Liz took a personal interest and kept searching for the ideal home for us. As it became apparent that buying an existing home was not going to meet our needs Liz became an invaluable resource during the new construction process.
We discussed with Liz the need for an attorney but it was decided that this early in the process that it was not essential. Liz constantly made trips to the building center and the site with my wife while the builders were constructing the house. She kept notes of what was promised and by whom. She fought tirelessly to she we received the what was promised from Meritage. She was able to answer or get the answers to all of our questions. When Meritage was being evasive Liz would step in and got the answers we needed. When Meritage tried to walk back any of their promises Liz held them accountable. When Liz was not able to handle something she used your firm’s resources to find the answers.
For over 3 years Liz was working with us with no promise of any type of sale being consummated. She had no idea if her hard work were going to benefit her. We are glad that it finally did. We feel we have gain a great friend in central Florida through this experience and will definitely recommend JC Penny Realty to anyone who asks. More importantly Liz Wilson will be the first name out of our mouths when anyone mentions they are looking to move to
Central Florida.
Feel free to contact me at 708-552-3333 or
Thank you
George Stafford
Chief Compliance Officer
X-Change Financial Access

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