George & JoAnn Telesz – Kissimmee

My wife, JoAnn and I are writing to you because of an absolutely tremendous experience with Jamie Kruse. This might be a bit out of the ordinary since Jamie was not our agent.

On Monday we completed the sale of our property at 2610 Einwood Drive in Kissimmee. We have bought and sold 9 houses over the 41 years of marriage so by any means we are not rookies at this process.

Jamie worked tirelessly for her customers, The Ramsey’s. When things got a little crazy last week she went above and beyond the call of duty for her customers. After spending some 40 years in sales before retirement in 2016 I have always enjoyed working with the younger sales people. In today’s world of fast paced electronic technology it is great to see sales people roll up their sleeves and actually work for the people they are representing.   Jamie did so and continued to smile through the entire process.

Unfortunately I can not say that about our agent. Jamie jumped in and assisted us without any hesitation what so ever. This is the reason I wanted to write to you about Jamie. It is rare in today’s business world for the next generation to take an interest in others without concern for the “what’s in it for me.”

JoAnn and I will consider Jamie a friend and if anyone would ask for a recommendation for a real estate agent in your area rest assured  that Jamie and J C Penny Real Estate will get the call.

George & JoAnn Telesz

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