Frances and Joe Summers

A year ago we thought about selling our house at Island Club West. We contacted your office with a view to having a ‘chat’ about it. We met with Dave Findlay, who took a real interest in the house, understood our ambivalence. We agreed to it give more serious thought, and planned a meeting in May when we would be back in Davenport. At the end of the meeting we felt our house was safe in JC Penny’s hands, as Dave presented as professional, diligent and caring.
The sales pack including the photos could not have presented our house in a better light. We were so impressed we suggested Dave and your company to our friend. Our friend’s house sold quickly. We had an offer, dependent on securing a mortgage. Our first buyer did in fact give a few problems, these were addressed by Renee, Dave and I believe you may also have become involved. That sale fell through, but on returning to the market a fortnight ago, we had another offer and moved to a successful closing yesterday.
Joe and I were totally impressed by the support we received, we always felt Dave had our back! The final week had a few things that needed to be dealt with assertively, Dave and Renee handled these glitches for us. We can all be professional and courteous when things are going smoothly, but I believe it is how we deal with challenges that defines our real character, and Dave Findlay most certainly shone for us. Living over here in Scotland you have no idea how much we depended on having that reassurance that Dave and Renee were over in Florida looking after our interests.
Many thanks
Warmest wishes
Frances and Joe Summers

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