Diedre Michel – Kissimmee FL

Mrs. Walsh went above and beyond to help me find the perfect home for me and my family. Many times during the process I became very frustrated to a point where I even began to apologize to Mrs. Walsh for not being able to decide or thinking to myself that I was being too picky, but she would simply smile and say “don’t worry about me, I’m here for you if this isn’t the one you like then we will continue looking”. At first I was strongly against moving to a particular city but my heart was set on a single family home so as a result to that I settled for a town house instead just so I wouldn’t have to leave the city that I was living.

Long story short…. Two days prior to my walkthrough for the townhouse and seven months later after searching. I called up Mrs. Walsh saying “please, please don’t get upset with me but I don’t think I want the townhouse. I much rather have a single family house and I’ve been looking online in the city that I wasn’t interested on moving to in the first place and I see some really nice ones and they are affordable” she then respond by saying “ok when would like to go and see them?”
Wow! Talk about patience. Mrs. Walsh is passionate about what she does and therefore she strive to make her clients happy and believe me when I say, if you decide to settle she will not let you. Her goal is to ensure that you are pleased when the process is all over. You are happy she is happy.

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