David & Paula Wilkin – UK

We thought selling a house in the US would be so much easier and quicker than the UK. We were wrong. Fortunately we had Jeni to help us through the maze of the Purchaser’s Realtor, the Purchaser, the Lender and Underwriters, the Appraiser, the Home Appraiser, the Surveyor. All doing their own thing at their own timescales. All raising what appeared to be trivial questions which would have been laughable, had they not delayed the process and caused us much consternation and last minute work. Jeni had to battle all these “jobs worths” on our behalf to get the closing “over the line” and also have to deal with 2 awkward clients – my wife and myself. This she did extremely professionally and with a lot of patience. There is no doubt in my mind that many other realtors would have taken the easy way out and given up but Jeni overcame all the objections and issues to get the deal done. So, the moral of our story is if you want a professional, tenacious, articulate Realtor who really fights for you then Jeni is your man….err woman! David and Paula

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