Carlos and Margy G

Time has gone by so quickly since we closed on our house on February 20th great patience given to us by Jeni Mortlock, we would not have been able to go through with the purchase. Ms. Mortlock was able to show us a variety of homes that would suit our particular situation. There had to be enough room for us, my 84 year old father, my 28 year old son who had just gotten out of the Navy, and enough room for visiting guests from around the country. And most important- it had to have a pool. Jeni stepped “up to the plate” and delivered a “home run”. Our home has five bedrooms, three bathrooms, two living areas and of course, a great looking pool! She was able to obtain the best people to inspect the house, and make sure that the purchase of the house went smoothly. There was always a phone call or a text message telling us what the next step would be in order to do so.

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