Selling Your Property in the US While Living Abroad


Owning a holiday or investment home in Florida can mean a lot of things. Great memories with friends and family.  Time spent in the sun, golfing, shopping, beaches, sightseeing and visiting the parks.  Some owners even enjoy a nice return on their investment with vacation rentals.


Selling Your Property in the US


There may be scenarios, however, where selling your property in the US is better for you and your personal financial plan. Here are a few reasons when you should consider selling your property when you are living abroad:

  • You need a large amount of money for another investment.
  • The market values have increased or the exchange rates are in your favor and you want to take advantage of it.
  • You aren’t planning to return to the U.S and want to purchase a better house in the country you are living in currently.
  • Changes in life make it necessary for you to ‘cash out’ and move on.


Whatever the reason choosing an experienced professional to assist is critical to minimizing the stress of selling and maximizing the potential of selling your house quickly and at the best price.


You need a real estate professional who knows the importance of selling a home fully furnished.  Or maybe your home has several weeks of future bookings, this can significantly increase your home appeal. Do you know about FIRPTA?  It can be a deal breaker.




Be sure you interview with a Brokerage that has international experience AND a great ‘home town’ reputation.  The agents at JC Penny Realty have both.  Some of the agents on our team have bought and sold homes while living abroad and know firsthand exactly how the process works.


So, whether selling or looking to buy a second home, contact a professional that you can trust and depend on.




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