Should You Make Repairs Before Selling Your House – Part 2

There is a major difference between full refurbishment and minor repairs. The best thing to do is to consult your real estate agent before you start preparing to make repairs before selling your house. They are experienced enough to determine which areas of your house needs repairs that potential buyers may instantly notice. This will lead you to take the right steps. Repairs are essential (in almost all cases) as they will enhance the value of your house. A property that has been recently repaired shows signs of proper maintenance and will be able to attract more potential buyers.


Make Repairs Before Selling


To get you started, here are the most common repairs you should consider making:


Quick Paint Job

The first thing potential buyers will notice is the chipped paint, discoloration, stains, or water marks on the walls that usually accumulate gradually over the years. Giving such walls a quick coat of fresh paint will not only repair those damages but will brighten up your house and give it a new-house look. A few things to remember:


  • Light colors make the rooms seem spacious.
  • Plug up nail holes with putty or sand down the area before apply paint.
  • Focus only on the damaged walls and the exterior; there is no need to paint the entire house.


Repair the Lights

Lighting is extremely important. When you show your house to potential buyers, you would want to switch on all the lights to brighten up the place. Faulty lights or low lights may be a turn off for many. Replace expired bulbs and check all the interior and exterior lights to make sure all are working.


Kitchen and Bathroom Repairs

Kitchen is undoubtedly the most significant area of a house, and so is the bathroom. Potential buyers are bound to view your kitchen and bathroom with critical eyes. Here are a few things to remember:


  • Check if any cupboard or drawers need repairs; replace them if needed.
  • Repair any damage laminate on the countertop.
  • Repair old sinks or replace them with new ones. Make sure you check for any faulty faucets.
  • Repair grouting if needed.
  • Replace or repair chipped and damaged tiles on the walls, floors, or other surface in the kitchen
  • and bathrooms.


Plumbing and Electrical Repairs

These issues might not be prominent at first, but when the buyer gets an inspection done, they are bound to come in light. It is best to get these issues fixed before you put your house up for sale. This can even enhance the value of your house.


Gleaming Exterior

Even with an impeccable interior, a shabby exterior can turn away any potential buyer. First impressions do count which is why it is best to ensure your exterior doesn’t have any faults.


  • Repair any cracks in the sidewalk or driveway.
  • Check the fences – replace or repaint them if needed.
  • Fix up your garden.
  • Check your rooftop and make repairs where needed.


Taking some time out and making efforts to fix your house will give a drastic boost to its value when you put it up for sale. Even if the house is old, with minor repairs it too can look fresh and appealing. A home which is ready to welcome the new inhabitants always makes a great impression.





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