Should You Make Repairs Before Selling Your House – Part 1

Planning to sell your home means that it is time to take care of some necessary repairs. It is imperative that you prepare your house and keep it in its top shape to attract buyers. People make efforts in making their house look attractive through staging and cleaning. These are essential as it helps in polishing up your home and allows for making a good first impression on the potential buyers. However, there may be a few flaws in your home that can’t merely be fixed through cleaning or staging. You will have to make a few repairs before you list your house for sale.



Make Repairs Before Selling



Not convinced? Here are some top reasons to make repairs before selling your house:


1. There’s No Avoiding It

Not matter how much you try to hide any problems or issues in your house that need to be repaired, the potential buyers will find them out during house inspection. You will then either have to fix them, credit money to the buyer or else have to lower your demanding price to compensate and, worst of all, you risk having the buyer walk away.


2. You Will Actually Save Money

Most of the common repairs are super easy and inexpensive to tackle. There might be a few repair projects that are already on your weekend to-do list. Issues like cracks in plaster, stains on the ceilings or walls, ripped window screens or leaky faucets – these are some minor repairs that can easily be fixed. But if you have a handful of such problems and you prefer to leave them as is, then you are going to end up degrading your home’s value, and it will be a major headache when you have to make last minute, urgent repairs.


3. Focusing on the Home Instead of the Flaws

When you eliminate those issues by repairing them, then the buyers will be able to see the positive features of your home instead of pointing out those flaws.


4. Better Offers

If your house is properly maintained and well-kept with no repairs for the next owner to do, then that means potential buyers will be willingly to buy your house at the price you are demanding or may even pay some more if there are plenty of potential buyers.


5. Estimates and Actual Costs Don’t Usually Match

Remember the actual costs of repairs won’t be as much as what the potential buyer estimates after the inspection. Typically, sellers don’t have much time to fix each and everything and they might end up losing the deal, which is why they agree with the estimate. This means you will end up losing money for repairs that could have cost you far less if they were taken care of earlier.


6. Avoiding Nasty Negotiations

When potential buyers find that there are a lot of repairs to be done, they tend to negotiate more even with minor issues. They will continue haggling that will drag on and might even cost you to lose a good deal.


7. More Potential Buyers

If you have a well maintained house, your real estate agent will love showing to potential buyers, chances of finding the right buyer and selling for the highest and best price.


These are just a few of the many reasons why you must make repairs before selling your house. Best of all, you may be able to sell your house much quicker than you have anticipated. So what next? Wondering which repairs should you make to make your house more appealing? Read on the next article.





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