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Local Real Estate Leaders Announce Official Brand Relaunch

How Second Generation Owners are Modernizing Their Winning Team



Kissimmee, FL: In a recently revealed ambitious undertaking, local realty office owners Jon and Debra Penny have finalized a complete brand overhaul, featuring a redesigned logo and marketing style. And while this may seem like business as usual, this was no easy task. The new logo, a shield of protection with the fierceness of a lion and a crown of excellence is a new take on the original logo, reflective of the courage and tenacity shown by their sales associates and staff.


For over a decade, JC Penny Realty, JCPR, and its owners have offered an inviting professional atmosphere to both their clients and agents. The new brand is aimed to enhance the values already established, utilizing more modern approaches to continue growing what Deb Penny says is “a team of ordinary agents, working in extraordinary ways, to fulfill what is asked of us”.


The rebranding utilizes a newly redesigned logo, new color scheme, marketing plan and a renewed commitment to the company’s core value statement, “We are Your Trusted Authority”, which will be front and center as the office moves forward in the ever-changing Central Florida real estate market. By shifting the focus from merely being among the most trusted local realty teams to their proven global strategy, they will finally showcase their strength to its full potential.


In addition to being one of the top names in Central Florida real estate, JC Penny Realty has always been viewed as an international contender. With a strong marketing presence in Canada, Europe, Latin America, and other key markets, they have shown the world that they have what it takes to provide excellent service in all cultures.


The real estate sales industry is an inherently difficult one and one that is even harder to craft a reliable, loyal team. However, JCPR has done just that, evident by both the success and longevity of their management team and sales associates.


“I work at JCPR because it has a trusted reputation in our industry, and stands for core values that are compatible with my own,” says Finance Director, Frinda Lauer. “At JCPR we all work together for the common good of our clients, providing a successful real estate experience.”


Carol Baker, a Sales Associate that has been with the office since 2013, has also expressed her eagerness regarding the new brand. “JCPR for me is the right choice, with first-class training and leadership at the front,” Baker exclaimed. “Our Broker’s goal is for us to be the best, and provide the highest quality service to our buyers and sellers!” Baker stated that “I feel honored and privileged to continue with JCPR on the rise to the top!  Every year is better than the last!” she finished, hinting at the office’s continued annual sales, which see no end in sight as it continues to rise.


About JCPR: Owners Debra and Jon Penny took ownership in September, 2013. Since then, their focus has been on a single objective – provide an environment that attracts, supports, and retains top producing real estate professionals. Not only have they reduced agent turnover rates, but they have helped create a team that has garnered a glowing reputation among their peers and other industry players.


JCPR is a second generation locally owned and operated realty office whose values and faith have made them who they are today. By assisting other Central Florida real estate professionals reach their true potential and an emphasis on superior customer service, they have long proven to be a local leader in vacation, investment and residential home sales. For more information, view the company website at www.jcpennyrealty.com.







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