Don’t Let Your Florida Vacation Home Stand Idle


Many people who buy a nice vacation home rent it out when they are not using it. Don’t Let Your Florida Vacation Home Stand Idle. This way they get to make some extra cash on the asset they bought to help cover expenses. Here are the top tips on how to do it right.



Don’t Let Your Florida Vacation Home Stand Idle



Always Price With The Season

One mistake that vacation home owners make is charging the same rental rate year round. In summer time your vacation home will get you high per night rates and holiday weeks will bring  top dollar for rentals, and not as much during off seasons.  Do not go with a get something rather than nothing approach, price the charges accordingly.  There is historical data to support what rates to charge for different times of the year.


Don’t Make It A Too Long Minimum Stay

This is one neat trick that will help you make more money as you get renters.  Cut the minimum stay to three days or just the weekend.  You will be able to attract budget minded vacationers and be able to book more with an offering of 3-4 day bookings.  Having the guests pay the cleaning fee on these short rentals help to make the stay profitable.



A little extra marketing does not have to be tedious or expensive.  Make sure that you showcase your vacation house for the best of its qualities. For instance make sure that you describe the view, large kitchen, game room, the hot tub etc. Plus if you go through our listings you will find plenty of houses in close proximity to the sunshine state’s top attractions. There are properties that are 5, 10 and 15 miles away from Disney World for instance. This is one point that you want get across to your potential renters.  

Be accurate.  No renter wants surprises when they arrive at your home.  Your return business will depend on your home being and providing exactly what you promised. Fight the urge to exaggerate.


Make An Email List

People who have already had an experience staying at your vacation home are the people who should be the easiest to market to. This is because they are familiar with your property. If a guest stayed at your vacation house during off peak season,  market to them again as peak vacation seasons approach. You can even offer discounts to the people who are opting to rent from you again.

Another neat idea is to come up with a Family and Friends Offer. This way they can refer your house to people they know, who might be interested.

There is nothing wrong with going the extra mile.  It is important to making sure the people who are renting your place are comfortable. Good customer service will only be a benefit for you.  

So, while you are not vacationing, renting your Florida vacation home to other families can be a smart move.   The real estate professionals at JC Penny Realty can help you find the right home, property management company to look after your home and  answer all of your questions regarding vacation home ownership.




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