Central Florida Vacation Home Review Checklist


If you are planning on buying a Central Florida vacation home, you need a checklist with the necessary amenities to choose from. It is important to know your options and what ‘perks’ you want so that our Realtor® can better assist you with buying the perfect match for your dream vacation home.



Central Florida Vacation Home



Here are the top few items that should make your checklist when you are going through the house listings and details on our website.


The Welcoming Neighborhood

Central Florida offers plenty of nice vacation home communities where you will be able to feel like you are in a 5 star resort or surround be a spacious top rated golf course. Community amenities range from simple to extravagant guard gated residences with on site restaurants, lazy river pools, fitness centers and more.  Each owner pays annual Homeowner Association dues, HOA.  The amount of the HOA dues is determined by the number and quality of the amenities.


Where You Will Most Likely Be Spending Your Time

Is it the golf course, privacy in a quiet home like setting or Disney World?  If you have kids then you might want to take a look at homes situated near the grand park within walking distance to some attractions. If you are retired and your kids have moved away, then JC Penny Realty has plenty of vacation homes near golf courses and several very attractive shopping and dining establishments.


In the same way, if you think that you will probably be spending time indulging in watersports, then do not forget to look at the listings near the coastal areas. With that being said, weigh your options as Central Florida has some great entertainment venues and a hyped up nightlife as well.


Yes There Are Fireplaces in Central Florida

No vacation home should be short of the latest accessories.  If you have certain things in mind that you want in your vacation home for your family, then specify it to our Realtor®.  We will filter out the best choices for you.  From there you can decide for yourself which homes you would like to view.

Some of the most popular items that renters look for when choosing a  home to rent are: Big TVs, Pools/Spas, Electronic Games, Fully Supplied Kitchens, and Lot’s of Sunshine on the Pool.




It is also possible that there may be something more in store for you than what you want in a vacation home.  Make sure you check out vacation homes that are a little different from what you have in mind. You never know, you might get surprised and find your heart set on the new property.


When it comes to vacation homes, there are lots of options.  You can choose between condos / flats to 10 bedroom mansions.  Town Homes now have private pools.  Single family pool homes both new and resale are very popular with investors and vacationers who are looking for a place to rent. The best way around the shortlist is to think practically.   Once you find the home for you, your Realtor®  will help you sort out the negotiations, the buying process  and anything else that you need to make the buying process as smooth and stress free as possible.


Getting the paperwork and finances in order is a huge aspect of this too, and might just be the thing to aid you in making the final decision of buying a vacation house in Central Florida that matches what you want.   Contact your Realtor® with JC Penny Realty today.





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