5 Pre-Purchase Considerations For Seniors Buying New Homes

By Jim Vogel


seniors buying new homes


Has the time come for you to purchase a new home? Whether you’re choosing to downsize alone to age in place, move closer to family, or start the next chapter of your life, it can be a bittersweet experience for Seniors Buying New Homes. Of course doing so in Florida helps quite a bit!


Maybe you’ve never actually purchased a home before. If not, Forbes recently published an article that can help keep you grounded throughout the process.


If you want your next home to be your forever home, there are some things to consider before signing the final paperwork. Here are five pre-purchase considerations to bring to the table:


Does this home meet my expectations?

Are you 100 percent satisfied with your new potential home? Does it meet all of your expectations? For example, if you went into the home buying process looking for a simple house with few landscaping requirements, plenty of space for guests, and ample sunlight, you shouldn’t be signing a mortgage for a complex property with amplified landscaping needs, little interior sunlight, and a lack of guest space. There might be other features of the home that you adore, but these expectations were on your list for a reason. You may be spending the rest of your life in this house. Does it make you happy?


Do I see myself being happy in this home for the next decade?

There’s no telling how long you’ll be living in your new house, but thinking about the next decade is a good rule of thumb. Do you see yourself getting bored after the first year or two? Does your stomach cringe when you think about staying here for good? If this home is a temporary fix that you’ll eventually need to replace, don’t purchase it. The buying and moving process is far too complex to go through two or three times. As a senior, you’ve already been through it enough.


Will my family be able to visit or stay with me?

This is especially important for senior homes. If your family won’t be able to visit or stay with you for an extended period of time, you may want to reconsider – particularly if you live alone. As a senior citizen, you know the possibility of getting seriously ill or facing exhaustion is real. If you make it difficult for your family to spend time with you, the opportunity for in-home care is eliminated. Instead, if you fall ill, you’ll have to stay with members of your family or in a professional care facility until you feel better. Make the right choice now, while the control is in your hands.


Will I be located near a grocery store, department store, and other necessities?

Since you’ll still be running your own errands and organizing your own life, your home should be located near civilization. You need quick access to a grocery store for meals, a department store for clothing and essentials, and other necessary errand-stops like your bank. Go back to the days when convenience was more important than having ten acres of land. This is your new reality.


You also need to keep your community in mind. Who do you want your neighbors to be? There are certainly some great places to live in the state.


Do I have everything I need?

The last pre-purchase consideration to ponder as seniors buying new homes is, perhaps, the simplest. Do you have everything you need? Does this home provide all of the necessities required for survival? You should have a washer and dryer, a functioning kitchen, proper heating and cooling units, and other general items. Make a list of your needs. Check off items on the list, compromise for what remains, and then consider signing a mortgage.


Did your new home fail the test? Macquarie has a useful list of tips to consider as you continue your search for the perfect home.


Moving into a new home is always a challenge – whether you are a senior or a young adult making your first purchase. Avoid kinks in the journey by answering these questions before signing your name on the dotted line.


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