Top Reasons Why JC Penny Realty are the Right Realtors® for You

Are you looking for the whole package when it comes to vacationing in Florida? If you want the best in a home that you vacation in all through summer, while you travel back and forth from Disney World, the golf course, a night out at the theatre and then dinner with your family; then do not hesitate to click through to view our listings. JC Penny Realty are the Right Realtors. They are a group of dedicated real estate professionals, Realtors®, who specialize in holiday homes, short term rental properties, and the newest built investment home opportunities. We are Gold Key Certified by the Orlando Regional Board of Realtors®. A certification for excellence in professionalism, an honor held by only a few in the state of Florida.


JC Penny Realty are the Right Realtors
Learn what makes us your #1 Realtors®




The Multilingual Realtors®

JC Penny Realty are the Right Realtors. They have a roster of multilingual Realtors®. This way, you will be better able to discuss your requirements and needs regarding the vacation home that you want to buy. Conversing in your native language gives you a personalized touch that is very important when engaging in an investment as big as your own vacation home.


But that is not all; there is more to it than speaking a certain language. Our Realtors® are aware of your cultural values as well. This way it becomes easier for us to find the perfect home for you.


It is best that you discuss everything with your Realtor®. JC Penny Realty agents provide education and guidance that you need when making the grand decision of purchasing your holiday or investment home. We will be with you through every step of the buying process.


The Neighborhood Matters

We don’t just show you the house and all the amazing amenities a property harbors; we show you a vacation home that is in a great neighborhood. Having a place in a welcoming and pleasant neighborhood makes a huge difference.


JC Penny Realty are the Right Realtors


With JC Penny, you can look through vacation homes that are 5, 10 and 15 miles from one of the best attractions that Central Florida has to offer. The best thing about having a property close to the places you will most likely be visiting is that you get to save your precious vacation time, and it is less hassle for you to have you and your family commute to different establishments without getting lost in a foreign place.


As far as having a good community is concerned, you can rest assured, short term rental communities where our vacation homes are located, welcome all cultures, and have desirable qualities such as open spaces, trees lining the sidewalk, proud entrances and many others.


JC Penny does its best to make the whole vacation home buying experience not just convenient, but also comfortable for the foreign home buyers. The experienced professionals and the free downloadable realty app are just a few things out of our endless efforts to make sure that you are satisfied with your experience of buying real estate in Central Florida. If you chose JC Penny, you will find that even if it is your first experience buying property, you will be completely at ease as you work your way through the process of selecting a vacation home. We believe that, whether you want to buy a home, as soon as possible, or just beginning the process, NOW is the time to get the information you need.




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