Orlando, Florida – 2nd hottest rental market in the US!

Orlando, Florida – 2nd hottest rental market in the US!

While Atlanta came in No 1, Orlando, Florida is currently the 2nd hottest metro area for rentals in the US with a high rental demand reaching out past Disney and the surrounding areas.  As the original Short Term Vacation home communities age today’s vacationers find them less desirable compared to the private home resort communities featuring fancy houses, water parks, onsite restaurants and more.  That is OK. Don’t panic.  The older communities are still Hot Properties and in High demand.


The communities laying just outside Orlando proper are now top choices for families relocating to the area, buying for the first time and long term renters.  Central Florida is one of the countries top locations for snow bird and employment relocation.  Often families prefer to rent for a year or two before buying giving them an opportunity to get to know the area, schools, traffic patterns and more.


It is critical that you set up a rental agreement that protects you, your property and helps to insure rental income.  After the market crash in 2008-2009 thousands of people lost their homes and credit scores were crushed.  There are still hundreds of families who are not yet in a position to purchase a home but have steady income and a home owners mentality for taking care of the property they live in.


Working with a real estate professional that knows the area is your critical first choice. At JC Penny Realty, we have experience working with investors and a unique opportunity for families who are not in a position to buy with our rent before you buy program.


Here are the top 10 Hottest Rental Areas as listed by Diana Olick

1. Atlanta
2. Orlando
3. Seattle
4. Las Vegas
5. Chicago
6. San Diego
7. Oakland, Calif.
8. Detroit
9. Dallas-Fort Worth
10. Memphis






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