Buying Your Dream Home: Needs vs Wants

Buying Your Dream Home: Needs vs Wants


WantsVSNeeds_BuyingAHomeIf you are in the market to buy your dream home it is very important to take a moment to understand the concept of needs versus wants. In today’s society it is difficult to differentiate between the two but it is vital that you make the distinction especially if your home buying budget allows little wiggle room.



You may want that perfect dream home but can you afford it? Must your home come with big windows, airy open spaces, granite everything, upgraded this and state of the art that? Reality often says “no” because an ideal home is one that comfortably allows us to express our lifestyle. It boils down to needs versus wants.


7 Categories of Needs vs Wants


By considering these factors you can not only find that perfect home but you may be able to save thousands of dollars in the process by avoiding paying for some of those “wants”.


  • Family Needs
  • Location
  • Work Space
  • Timeline
  • Maintenance
  • Budget
  • What’s Important


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